The Josef Seibel Group

In 1886 one of the first shoe factories in Hauenstein (Germany) was founded by Carl-August Seibel. At that time he produced shoes and sandals in his own house.

Throughout the years the business countinued to grow.

In the 1980's new production facilities, offices and warehouses were built in Hauenstein, Hungary and Romania, allowing the company to grow even faster. In 2005 Josef Seibel took Romika Shoes from insolvency to a flourishing company within the Josef Seibel Group.

Today 3500 people are working under the management of Carl-August Seibel and Andreas Garnier for the Josef Seibel Group.

And we will continue to develop innovative products for the consumer unsing our know-how.


Hauenstein Shopping District

A Shopping Adventure you'll always treasure!

Get to know the shoe shopping mecca Hauenstein.

Explore the "Open Shoe Factory" and learn about the value of our traditional handicraft. The production guide will help you to understand the shoe production in general and the product philosophy of the Josef Seibel-hand sewing technology in particular. Those new understandings will definitely be very useful for your next shoe purchase.

Or visit the "Deutsche Schuhmuseum" to learn more about the history of shoe making.


Customer Service

Our aims

  • For our customers to experience an excellent standard of service every time they contact us.
  • To deal with any complaints promptly, openly and fairly. We carry out regular reviews of complaints and take appropriate action where required
  • To continually improve our service and welcome all customer feedback
  • To support our customers in any way possible

Retailers please note, if you are considering a new store design, re-fit, makeover, or if you are opening a brand new shop then please talk to us.

SWR Dokumentation

Die SWR-Dokumentationsreihe "Made in Rheinland Pfalz" zeigt, wie die Schuhe der Josef Seibel Gruppe aus Hauenstein in der mittlerweile vierten Generation entstehen.

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